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How a Del Rio Family Turned a Class Project into a Soap Business

Made In Texas

A mother and her two daughters incorporate playful nods to their Hispanic culture with Cinnamon Girl Soaps.


Our Background

Cinnamon Girl Soap Co. is a family company.  We are Texans who are proud of our traditional Hispanic values and culture.  Our name is a nod to our youngest daughter, Mia.  She was nicknamed "Cinnamon Girl" because of her beautiful complexion. And it was Mia who began this soap adventure.  Her love of skin care and her entrepreneurship led us to "Cinnamon Girl Soap Co."

 Our goal at Cinnamon Girl Soap Co. is to provide soaps that are wholesome and good for your skin while incorporating and honoring our cultural heritage in many of the ingredients and names of soaps while maintaining a traditional, yet youthful identity like ALL Cinnamon Girls! (and Boys! )

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