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Yerba Buena (Spearmint)

Yerba Buena (Spearmint)

  •  What it smells like: refreshing, floral, sweet serenity
  • This is a super fresh and minty, clean-smelling soap. Reminds us of our grandma's healing Yerba Buena tea. 
  • They are made with 100% natural, nourishing, and moisturizing ingredients with skin-soothing shea butter. Our soaps produce rich, thick, creamy lather as they gently cleanse your skin.
  • Our Yerba Buena,  as with all of our soaps, is handcrafted and produced in small batches and handmade; each bar is unique; no two are alike.
  • Ingredients:  Saponified Olive, sunflower, and coconut oils; Shea Butter, Mica, Essential oil, and phthalate-free fragrance oil.   Approx 6 oz


Handmade SOAP care instructions

  • Store unused soap bars in a dry,well-ventilated area and away from direct sunlight to prolong their life.
  • We recommend the use of a bath glove,loofah or wash cloth to extend the life of your soap bar.Avoid fully submerging your soap in water and keep it away from shower spray.
  • Keep your soap on a well-drained soap dish at all times to avoid it getting soggy.
  • BEST USE: Rub your soap bar back and forth against your wet bath glove,loofah or wash cloth to achieve lather(just a couple swipes is all you need),rinse and repeat if necessary.
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